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China hack attack hits Apple and Amazon

Breaking News – ‘China hack attack hits Apple and Amazon’

Chinese hackers and USA 2018
Corporative security

China starts buying Russian gas

China starts buying Russian gas

The European Union (EU) has agreed to step up LNG imports from the United States, Trump said earlier this week following his talks with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, who confirmed the plans and announced the EU’s intention to build more terminals for this purpose. In 2017, the US supplied 3 bln cubic meters of gas to Europe, which is considered to be a small portion, considering that Europe’s total consumption reached around 500 bln cubic meters last year. The US is going to deliver another 8.4 bln cubic meters by 2020 pursuant to long-term contracts (there are four of them in total).
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The Heat: US-China Trade War escalates

US-China Trade War escalates

The United States hits China with a new list of an additional $200 billion on Chinese products to be hit with tariffs. To discuss the new tariffs, Afshin Molavi, a senior fellow at the Johns Hopkins University Foreign Policy Institute; Michael Johns, the Co-founder of the National Tea Party movement; Jessica Stone, CGTN’s White House Correspondent; Victor Gao, the director of the China National Association of International Studies.