Concert The Chinggis Khaan Ceremony

Concert The 29th Chinggis Khaan Ceremony

Singers Ayusha and Darina Sanzhiev are from Buryatia Kurumkanskii region. The duet has been performing Buryat folk and pop music since 2005. Ayusha and Darina have participated in numerous song festivals, with their last performance on the stage of Carnegie Hall. The duet is currently recording new Buryat songs.

Altan Seseg is a New York based dance group that performs Buryat traditional folk dance and songs.

Altan Seseg consists of both professional and amateur dancers and singers. The goal of the dance group is to preserve Buryat customs and traditions and to not lose its ethnic identity. The group was founded in 2015, and made several performances at the ‘Sagaan Saar’ White Moon celebration festivals, Summer Naadam festival and Annual Chinggis Khaan Memorial ceremonies. Altan Seseg was also honored to perform at Carnegie Hall and other venues as a part of collaboration with Mongolian folk band Tengger Cavalry. The members of the group are Balzhima Damdinova, Maria Balbarova, Dariso Lubsanova, and Vera Chimitova.

Lyudmila and Yurii Badmayev are graduates of the P.O. Chonkushov School of Arts in Elista, Kalmykia, named after the great Kalmyk composer. Yurii and Lyudmila danced for the State Ensemble “Oirats” in 2005-2006. From 2012-2015, they were members and leading dancers of the State ensemble “Tulip”. They are both winners of international competitions.

Elena Churyumova studied Kalmyk instrument performance (yochin, dombra) in the College of Performing Arts and Music, Elista, Kalmykia. She was the principal singer and musician at the Kalmyk State Dance Theatre “OIRATY” and toured extensively throughout Europe, Asia and North America. In 2003, she moved to the USA and is presently a freelance musician, singer, and producer.

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