Russian Street Food Market! Saint Petersburg, Russia

Russian Street Food Market! Saint Petersburg, Russia

Mark Wiens
During my visit to Saint Petersburg, Russia, I wanted to visit a local market. So we walked over to a market that wasn’t far from the hotel where we were staying. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but are always one of my favorite places to explore. #Russia #RussianFood #SaintPetersburg

Mix of cultures, flavors, ingredients, and foods – Something I was happily surprised about was the mix of cultures represented at the market in Saint Petersburg – there were a mix of people mainly from former Soviet countries like Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan and the food represented that. After walking around the market for a little while, we then stopped to eat some Russian pickles from a friendly lady. Her pickles were delicious. Next I tried a bowl of meat and potato soup with dill. In the end I figured out they were from Tajikistan.

Kazan Cathedral – Russian Orthodox Church – Next up on this travel guide tour, we visited Kazan Cathedral, one of the iconic landmarks of Saint Petersburg. We proceeded to walking around the Church of the Savior on Blood – Russian Orthodox Church, and finally St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Saint Petersburg, Russia is truly an amazing city and wonderful to walk around.

Russian Vodkaroom No. 1 – Russian Restaurant – Finally to end this food and attractions tour of Saint Petersburg, Russia, we had dinner at Russian Vodkaroom No. 1, an excellent Russian food restaurant known for its food and vodka. 5,822 RUB ($91.28) – Total price for everything

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