Is Retiring In Thailand Better Than The Philippines?

Is Retiring In Thailand Better Than The Philippines?

Retire in the Philippines or retire in Thailand?
Should you spend your golden years in Thailand or the Philippines? Where is the best place to find to retire, find love & live?

We’ll compare the two nations in terms of finding love, language, culture, beaches/islands, cuisine, accommodation, healthcare & travel insurance (best medical tourism), infrastructure, internet connection, TV, crime and safety, visas, and a little something about romance. Total of 9 categories, and then we’re going to crown one winner.

When you finish watching, you will better understand both nations and what to expect once you arrive.

This video will use data and information from many organizations, such as the US Department of State, the World Bank, Bloomberg, and CNN, to mention a few.

What are some of the problems retiring in Thailand & problems retiring in the Philippines?

0:00 Intro
1:10 Language
1:50 Beaches & Islands
2:39 Cuisine/Food
4:22 Accommodation
4:50 Healthcare (Best Medical Tourism)
6:47 Dental Services
8:03 Infrastructure, Internet Speed, TV
10:46 Crime & Safety
13:25 Tourist & Retirement Visa
14:52 Romance

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