We’re The Zoomers: Inside The World Of Today’s Teens

Four teens from China, Indonesia, Singapore and Ukraine are each defining their own future. on their own terms.

Every weekend, 15-year-old Shi Ying (China) loves working in a club that teaches children life skills. But her mother worries about her club activities getting in the way of her national exams.

17-year-old Bella (Indonesia) is a straight-A student taking on life as a pro e-gamer. She lives in a gaming house, practises eight hours a day, six days a week, and juggles with her academic studies.

17-year-old Remus (Singapore) has built quite a fortune selling sneakers online and dabbling in NFTs. As he turns 18, he is hell-bent on starting a new business venture on his own.

15-year-old Vladislav (Ukraine) is coping with life in wartime without the support of his parents. He navigates an uncertain future with his aspirations and livelihood hanging in the balance.

Will they cross the finishing line or stumble before seeing their dreams bear fruit?

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