My First 24 hours in Helsinki Finland! Never Expected This

My First 24 HOURS In Helsinki Finland! Never Expected This

Welcome to Helsinki The capital city of Finland. Its my first day here and im spending my first 24 HRS with you all here in Helsinki.

My first impressions about this country is how ppl are happy here and extremely friendly. The first ppl i interacted with were full of good energy which made me feel at home in Finland. I visited lots of places like the square market where they sell Finnish food like the Small fish known as mwiko which i extremely enjoyed, it was served along with potatoes and salad which i paid 15 Euros but it was so delicious and worth the price.

I visited the helsinki cathedral as well which is one of the major landmarks in Helsinki it was an amazing experience checking it out and its free of charge so be sure to check it out as well if you ever visit Helsinki.

I Fell in love more with the Finnish ppl due to their good vibes and being very happy.

Thanks for watching God bless.

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